Change is here

Greetings all,

Well it is official I am finished College. To mark it’s closure their was an exhibition of our work. Here is a time laps of the Exhibition taken by my teacher. I am actually in it near the end with Morgan and Gabrielle. It was a great to have gone there with so many supporters and have some closure. I felt like I was flying after the night even though I did not win an official award. However I did get the MoGa award! (Given to me by the girls!)

Well since then… the chickens are still sitting on their nest, the bunnies are getting bigger, Lena is feeling at home and we are actively renovating. We have taught the first 101 Photo class and it went really well. We will be continuing next week for 102 with light. Should be a good one. During all of this we found the time to check out some bird sanctuaries in Prescott Russell. We are going to offer photo safaris in the fall. Here are some pics from there. Take care folks!


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