Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016


Though it is a little late, the year is still young and we come to wish all of you the very best for 2016. May it bring above all peace to our world. Last year was a busy one for us and we are grateful for all of you with whom we have crossed path. Thank you for being part of our lives. We are happy to share our passion for photography and for life with you.


A tous et chacun nous souhaitons une bonne et heureuse année 2016, bonheur, santé et paix dans notre monde. Merci à vous qui avez partagé un bout de route avec nous cette dernière année. Nous avons hâte de continuer l’aventure avec vous tous.



The photos and the book of Prescott and Russell are presently on display until the end of March at The Review in Vankleek Hill. If you haven’t seen them yet, we encouraged you to take this opportunity to visit beautiful Vankleek Hill and check out the wonderful people at The Review. You can even stop at the Vert Fourchette Restaurant or at Beau’s brewery!


Nos photos et le livre de Prescott et Russell publiés par les Comtés Unis sont présentement installés dans la salle d’exposition du journal The Review à Vankleek Hill. Profitez-en pour faire une visite au restaurant Vert Fourchette et à la brasserie Beau’s!

160101_MG_0081BlgWhile the St-Albert Cheese factory sponsors the Prescott and Russell Recreational Trail calendar, they also publish their own. This year Nadine was their photographer. It was quite a challenge for the kids that were the models. It was a very cold day this fall and yet they had to pose outside and in the studio (in the barn) only wearing their shirts. They were real troopers and it worked out well despite the cold temperature. The cheese looked so good, it was hard resisting the temptation to dip in their bags!!!

Un des plus grands défits de l’année fut de photographier des jeunes en chemises pendant la journée la plus froide de l’automne pour les calendriers de la fromagerie St-Albert. Les jeunes devaient rester souriant malgré le froid et moi je devais résister à la temptation de manger leur fromage!!! Je pense qu’on a bien réussie!


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