The truth is that we want to enjoy life and have some fun. While it is important to make money (everyone and every thing keep reminding us of that!!!), we are in it for the love of nature and people. We hope through our photos will help make our community, our province, our country, the whole world a better place. How?

It is very easy to get discouraged, to feel sad in face of the turmoil, sickness and despair that are found in the world. Yet, there is beauty and peace in the most common and uncommon places. After more than 20 years in pastoral work, Nadine and I produced a beautiful bird calendar. A friend professor at St Paul University, a very wise older man, told me that finally I was doing God’s work. Wow! Of course not every one believes in God or conceives him or her to be the same… Regardless, we firmly believe that life is precious and beautiful. When we touch that splendor, when we marvel together, the world can only become a friendlier place.

We hope with our work and photos to bring peace, serenity, friendship to our world, one person, one animal at a time.

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