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Que la vie peut être belle!

Il m’a fait grand plaisir de pouvoir continuer de participer au parcours de ce jeune couple. Il n’y a pas si longtemps je photographiais leur mariage, et là c’est un autre étape importante de leur […]

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Photo club and Mush!

It is official, the Barnyard gang had it’s first photography club meeting last Monday night in Rockland. While it’s not for sure we’ll keep the name “Barnyard gang”, the ice is broken. We were all […]

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Calendrier 2014, janvier

Hello everyone, Just to let you all know that the post on the Sentier Prescott-Russell Trail Facebook page is of the photos for January. The photo was taken by Diane Rollin-Lalonde from Rockland. We understand […]

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Come and visit!

Le vernissage du 11 août c’est très bien déroulé. Les gens qui sont venus ont été impressionné par la qualité et le choix des photos. Une douzaine des 16 photographes qui exposent étaient sur place […]

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Birds… can’t get enough!

Hello there, looks likes we’ve gone to the birds lately. Well it’s kind of true. The little bit of time we’ve had lately to photograph we have spent most of it chasing after birds: owls, […]

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Clarence-Rockland Classic 2013

Greetings all, Even if the weather was not the greatest last weekend we participated (in our own way) in the Clarence-Rockland Classic 2013. Believe it or not, the bottom you tube video is actually not […]

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Much Larose

Greetings all, Last weekend we organized a photo safari in the Larose Forest to photograph one of Mush Larose events. It was quite exciting for all of us. It is certainly a part of Prescott-Russell […]

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We going on the Prescott-Russell Trail!

Greetings all, Things are coming along at Barnyard Studio. We had a couple of good days of renovations and we will continue tomorrow after we teach our two classes of photography which are on the […]

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