Heartland spirit at Barnyard Studio

Greetings all,

I have new homework (of course) and it is to recreate a movie poster. We will practise pre-visualisation when photographing keeping in mind our layout and making sure there is room for text. I enjoy watching Heartland (And i know some of you like it too… girls)   :),  so I picked that show, since we are allowed to use a tv shows and not only movies. I photographed in the spirit of heartland at Barnyard Studio. Here is one of the sample photos I took. Once the “Movie Poster” is accomplished I will post it!


I am a grandma! Our rabbit, Blanche Neige (picture below), had babbies! I will post the photo’s next week of the beautiful tiny beauties! Guess how many babies… Find out next week!

Blanche Neige


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