Greedy Beesquito and the Alphabet Jumbimals

Greedy Beesquito and the Alphabet Jumbimals

She’s done it again!

For many years, Monica Jean Smith,  from St-Pascal Baylon, ON, has in her spare time created some fanciful creatures. Her colourful and refreshing paintings and digital artwork appeal both to children and adults alike.  

A couple of years ago, she collaborated with her brother Micheal D Smith to self-publish her first children book “Rosalind and the Creature from the Black Pond” in time for the Clarence-Rockland Christmas Art Fair. The book was a success and sold out within a few weeks.

This time, the local artist worked virtually with her sister Susan Smith Brazill, who lives in Sakatchewan, to publish a second book which is educational while also witty and entertaining. 

Monica, who works for the Digital Transformation team at Bell, was featured in their newsletter:

Monica Jean Smith is an artist and illustrator whose whimsical, humorous and endearing art is now shared with the world though her new book: Greedy Beesquito and the Alphabet Jumbimals. This humorous alphabet story for children (ages 3 to 8) follows Beesquito’s flight past the alphabet jumbimals (jumbled animals) and Beesquito’s penchant for snatching their food.

Monica’s sister Susan Smith Brazill wrote the story and Monica did all the illustrations including characters like Beesquito (Bee and Mosquito) and Ophelia the Puffaroo (Puffin and Kangaroo jumbimal). The collaboration was an exciting adventure as they created a fantasy world that has captured the hearts of children and their parents alike. “It was a wonderful experience to work with my sister during the pandemic to create a beautiful children book that is meant to celebrate diversity, fun and food.” 

The book would make a great addition to any library and a wonderful gift for anyone between 3 and 8 years old. Monica also sells prints of the various characters, a card game adapted from the book and other original paintings.

The book is printed locally at the Imprimerie Plantagenet Printing and can be purchased directly from Monica in St-Pascal or shipped through Canada Post. 

The Barnyard Studio is proud to have been the official photograher of Monz Creations helping to reproduce Monica original work to make magnificient prints and cards.

To learn more about the book visit

To view Susan Smith Brazill’s interview on CBC News Saskatchewan (starting at 8:43 minutes into the video).

To contact Monica directly:

Monica Jean Smith, une artiste de Clarence-Rockland vient de publier son deuxième livre pour enfant: “Greedy Beesquito and the Alphabet Jumbimals” (en anglais seulement). Contrairement au premier où elle avait collaborer avec son frère Micheal, cette fois-ci sa soeur Susan et elle ont profiter de la pandémie pour mettre leur talent d’écrivaine et d’illustratrice en commun virtuellement pour la nouvelle création. (Sa soeur demeure en Saskatchewan.)

Depuis longtemps en effet Monica s’amuse à concevoir des créatures fantaisistes inspirées par la nature. Son imagination fertile a d’ailleurs produits au cours des dernières années une série de peintures et d’images digitales très colorées et humoristiques qui plaisent autant aux enfants qu’aux adultes. Son style original est un brin de fraîcheur dans le monde artistique et saura égayer bien des murs. 

Le livre est une belle addition aux bibliothèques et un cadeau de choix pour les enfants de 3 à 8 ans.

Le Barnyard Studio du coin est fier d’être associer au travail de Monica et d’avoir photographié et reproduit ses oeuvres originales en giclées ou pour en faire des cartes de souhaits.

Pour en connaître plus visiter le site ou communiquer directement avec Monica:

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