Nunavut Trade Show and Models

Greetings all,

Last week was a great photographic week. It started with a fashion shoot at the college for one of our workshops. There was 6 models from Angie’s Models to chose from and I was in a group with 2 other photographers so we had to take turns. It went very smoothly, here is one of my favourite shots.

Model from Angie's Models


Then the next day I went down town to the Nunavut trade show here is Ottawa. I saw alot of old friends from Arviat. What a good feeling that was. I also had the opportunity to photograph Jean Charest. Unfortunately I did not bring the right gear with me so I had a hard time to get those great shots under that light. However it was a great day meeting new and old acquaintances. I do love photojournalism, I felt right a home up there shooting like a pro!


Jean Charest at the Nunavut Tradeshow




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