MOGI award

Greetings all,

Well I have received my MOGI award (not Moga but Mogi!) this weekend. It was made and presented to me by the girls, Morgann and Gabrielle. I must admit I was looking forward to seeing their creation since they said they would make one.  However when we arrived for lunch, all that was shown to me was the cards they had made for their mother for mothers day. Of course being mothers day this was very appropriate. So I said to myself: “Oh well no MOGI award for me. They had given it to me verbally and that was fine.” After lunch they got up and said they had something to show. I did not think it was for me at all. I thought they will sing or so something as they sometimes do. Gabrielle did a drum call and Morgan came out with this big thing covered. Still clue less… they say: “We had a great year, bunnies, new donkey… And now the MOGI award goes to: (I was in shock! I could not believe the production they did for this award.) “NADINE!” I was so happy and floored at their generosity (and their father for building it and mother’s since I got an award on mothers day). So I took the time to create a photograph with it! You can all view this award at the Barnyard Studio Gallery. Thanks Girls. I hope to continue to make you proud!


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