We going on the Prescott-Russell Trail!

Greetings all,

Things are coming along at Barnyard Studio. We had a couple of good days of renovations and we will continue tomorrow after we teach our two classes of photography which are on the topic of composition.  Things are going good with the courses (I guess you should ask the students to get the real feed back!) As for the animals the babies are all doing fine. Baby ducks, baby chicks and yes, baby bunnies! There are more black bunnies than colored ones but they are cute nonetheless.


I also saw this butterfly and was wondering what it was. Then today at the Clarence-Rockland Museum, I recognized it on a poster. It is a moth! Thanks M.Chartrand!


We also have gone on the Prescott-Russell trail in Plantagenet last weekend looking for birds and practicing with some students taking photos.


This Saturday, June 16, 2012, there is an other activity on the trail at the pavilion in Bourget. We shall start at 6pm with visiting the area, then at 7:00pm there will be a BBQ, (please let Louise know you will be there at LouiseBissonnette@prescott-russell.on.ca so she can have enough food for the gang), and at 8pm the special guest, a local story teller, shall share his tale! Bring your chairs and mosquito repellant! See you there! Click here for more info and up coming events on the trail.



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