Heron nest in Vankleekhill

Greetings all,

We have been looking for great blue heron nests in Prescott-Russell. After great searching we found one in Vankleekhill! We got our info from the bird community here and they sure gave us the right directions. We asked permisioin from the farmer to go on his land and sure enough this is what we saw. I think Lynne misses running after her polar bears and the migrating/nesting birds that photographing in the wild Prescott-Russell is filling that void!

As for the farm we did our own bails last week! It was so much work. I now understand why people say framers know what hard work is! Lifting all those bail on the back of the tractor then to place them in the barn was tough work. I also drove which gave me a little brake (thank goodness). I have a new appreciation for farmers! What a great experience.

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