Meet storms babies!

Greetings all,

Firstly i am sooooo sorry for not writing lately. Part: crazy work / part holiday! Yep three days of pure relaxation. It brought me back to life! Thanks Francine and everyone at the farm for letting me go :)

Ok, so the main stuff, Storm had her babies August 19 2012 at 6:00pm. It was raining and there was thunder roaring when the babies were born. We always said that since Storm was born during a storm she was waiting for a storm to bring her babies to the world! The first baby was a male and black needing a bit of help. We named him Star Trail due to his white mark on his head (star) and a white line on one of his side (trail). About five minutes later a pretty white female come out without any help. We named her Ilaga which means friend in Inuktitut since she is so friendly and adorable. If you have a hard time to say that Princess will do! They are both full of life, running, jumping, eating. We are impressed with Storm, she is a great mother taking really good care of them.

Have a great week everyone and know I will watching them grow!

A couple of hours after their birth.

Two days old. Adorable!
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