Much Larose

Greetings all,

Last weekend we organized a photo safari in the Larose Forest to photograph one of Mush Larose events.

It was quite exciting for all of us. It is certainly a part of Prescott-Russell that is worth discovering. The race was specifically for nordic breeds, which I find particularly pretty.  Although I knew where we were going, when I actually walked in the forest alongside the mushing trail, I wondered how I would managed to photograph the race. I’m used to Inuit style of races where dogs are hitched in a fan like manner and the mushers are usually lying down or sitting on the sled. Here teams were leaving at two minutes intervals and have to remain on a very well defined path to avoid crashing in trees. I was happily surprised to see some young mushers and quite a few women racing. I enjoyed shooting while Nadine went around to check with the students how they were managing. Photographing dog races in such a context is a challenge in regards to focusing, shutter speed and depth of field. We finished the day at Station 4 saisons in Hammond viewing some of our photos while enjoying a well deserved meal.

Our next safari will be in Vankleek Hill.

Talk to you soon, Lynne




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