Barnyard Studio updates

Greetings all,

There is quite a bit of news…

First off, I have been working on our website . There are more pages for you to view at meet the gang and about us.

Secondly, here is our William!

William showing his colors
William stretching and stirring up the dust!

He is very friendly and flies around. He had settled nicely with Fergie and Fergus. I hope he is happy in his new home.

Thirdly, it has been a while now that I promised to show you all the studio…. Here it is!

Barnyard indoor studio!

The background is from the old barn floor planks that we had to take off to renovate. Lynne worked hard at trying her best not to wreck the boards wile taking them off the floor, organizing the good wood, and taking of the nails. Mr. Rollin helped alot too. And the wood on the floor was purchased in Plantagenet. What do you see in the centre of the lights you ask? Bunnies!

Buggs as a teenager

Last but not least, Buggs! In an older post (which you can also view what he looked like when he was smaller), I said: “I hope they will grow up to be cute and fully!” Well they are fully!

That is it folks! Se you next week.

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