Facta Non Verba: A History of the Fort Garry Horse

Greetings all,

I had the opportunity to attend a book launch last week in Winnipeg. I know one of the authors, Gordon Crossley and spoke to him during the process of getting it published. He was meticulous in getting all the facts. And now he and those he worked with to make this book a reality are all breathing a sigh of relief and excitement. If you are interested here is a link to learn more and for purchase. Click here!

Gordon T. Crossley at the book launch in Winnipeg
Michael McNorgan, co-author, LCol Dave Atwell, Commanding Officer of the regiment, Gordon T. Crossley,co-author, and Gary Solar, former CO and Honorary Colonel, chairman of the book project.

Since I have been back in Ottawa we have 5 new rabbits, yes the same mama rabbit had more babies. So if anyone wants a rabbit let us know! And one of our neighbours gave us his donkey! No photos yet but next week you shall have a peak. All the best folks!

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