Lost & Found

Greetings all,

I have the pleasure of having the barnyard girls with me this week so here is their blog of the week!

“We are going to have to try to find our nieces’ cat.” This phrase was first thought of when Barnyard Studio’s black and white male cat Moustache went missing. Lynne and Nadine told us at first that he was on a journey to find food and that he would be back soon. We realized they didn’t know where he was when he wasn’t seen for almost three weeks! That is around the time that we started to have plans for our cat’s memorial.


Wait, doesn’t every “story’ usually have a happy ending? Well this is ours, shared to us from Lynne’s point of view. “ I was pulling some weeds in the garden when all of a sudden I looked up and saw a large black and white animal. At once I thought about Moustache. Therefore, I started to call out his name. When he first saw me he was scared but I don’t blame him for feeling that emotion after he probably didn’t see a nice human for a while. After he realized I wouldn’t hurt him, Moustache rolled on his back like he used to when he would want to be scratched on his stomach. That is when he officially returned home.”

We shall never know where he went. We only know that he came back with a little battle scar. Also, he came back the best hunter, the strongest cat but still the laziest in the barn. We are all so proud of the barn cat who came home after being lost in the wild for a month…WE LOVE YOU MOUSIE!!!

Les filles heureuse de retrouver leur Mr.!


P.S. Moustache’s young niece is still healthy and very strong! She is so well built that she is practicing her karate skills for Kitty Olympics!

Tiboute est une bonne mère.

Betty, our oldest puckpuck in the barn, has finally had chicks. Unfortunately only two survived. However they are so puffy, most vocal, and cutest of all the chicks the barn has ever seen.

Quelle beau poussin!



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