Congratulations Carrie and Michel!

Hello to all,

Last weekend, I had a great time at l’Auberge du lac Morency in St-Hippolyte photographing my neighbours sharing their love for each other and their family. I was touched at the vows because they brought their children in the exchange of rings and it brought tears to my eyes. Everyone was super friendly and generous inviting me to eat (the food was amazing! ) and  to join in the various activities organized for the weekend. I was there to work but I was able to have fun. Some people are patiently waiting to see the photos so here is a sneak peek. Thanks for your patience!

Studioducoin_cm_001 Studioducoin_cm_002 Studioducoin_cm_003 Studioducoin_cm_004 Studioducoin_cm_005 Studioducoin_cm_006 Studioducoin_cm_007 Studioducoin_cm_008 Studioducoin_cm_009

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